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Brian Taheny (Irlande)

Brian taheny-Dan-Trio-9-DSC_8999Brian Taheny est originaire de Sligo, la Mecque de la musique irlandaise. Multi-instrumentiste au style fort et distinctif violon, banjo ténor, guitare, bouzouki irlandais, Mandoline, dobro etc), il est également reconnu pour ses arrangements novateurs de mélodies traditionnelles.  Il a joué avec la plupart des grands noms de la musique traditionnelle dans toute l’Europe, en Asie ainsi qu’en Amérique. On l’entend sur plus de 100 albums, a reçu deux nominations aux prix Juno et fait actuellement partie du trio de renom « North Atlantic Drift »  basé à Toronto.

String Guru Brian Taheny hails from the Irish music mecca of Sligo, Ireland.  Brian plays Fiddle, Tenor Banjo, Guitar, Irish Bouzouki, Cittern, Mandolin, Mandola, Mandocello, Dobro and Bass guitar, and is also known for his innovative arrangements of traditional tunes. Brian has built a solid reputation for himself as an extremely accomplished Celtic musician with strong and uniquely distinctive style. He has performed with many of the greats in traditional music all over Europe, Canada, America, and Asia. He has performed on well over 100 albums, has received two Juno nominations and is currently part of the well respected trio « North Atlantic Drift » based out of Toronto.

« There are a few musicians you bump into who seem to grab you by the scruff of the neck and make you listen. Being a master of one’s instrument is only part of it; more important is a deep love of the music they play that communicates with and excites the listener. Brian Taheny had exactly that effect on me (and not just on the mandolin!) when I first heard him from the back of the field at a Canadian festival some years ago. »   Simon Mayor


Dès le 1er avril / From April 1st 2017
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