BalFolk Montréal

Balfolk Montréal

Montréal (Québec)

Balfolk Montréal’s mission has been to promote traditional dances from Europe and beyond since its inception at the end of 2014. In the form of balls or workshops, the organization brings together anyone, beginner or experienced, to learn to dance waltzes, mazurkas, scottishs, circassian circles, jotas and other jigs and bourrées, traditionally danced in French-speaking Europe.

Festival Schedule

Balfolk Montréal organizes several balls throughout the year, workshops every Tuesday and even small balls in the streets of Montreal in summer 2019. The organization wants to continue sharing through projects that are as accessible as possible. Activities that welcome musicians, who are one of the cornerstones of the project as they bring traditional music to life.

The organization’s aim is to raise interest in traditional dance as a vector for social cohesion, through inclusive activities open to all. At the same time, we promote the French-speaking culture of France, Belgium, Switzerland and of course Quebec, and facilitate the integration of French newcomers.

The organization has been collaborating with Chants de Vielles for many years, being present at every dance activity during the event. With experienced animators, they optimize the initiation to the dance experience.

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