Young Tradition Vermont

Young Tradition Vermont

USA (Vermont)

Young Tradition Vermont (YTV) programs use traditional music and dance to ensure young people have opportunities to be inspired and inspiring, to learn and teach, to perform, and to serve the communities they live in and visit.  We invite you to join us.

Horaire du festival

We view tradition not as something fixed and unchanging. Rather, it’s an ongoing conversation between the past and the present that reflects and shapes the ways we express who we are. Tradition is a process–and one that fosters continual innovation–keeping practices we root in the past alive and relevant to who we are today.

Vermont continues to be home for a wide range of traditional music and dance, a tapestry of people from many places, all with their own traditions. What is now Vermont is the traditional homeland of the Western Abenaki. Over the last few hundred years, Vermont has become home to people from all over the globe. The state has consistently inspired singers, instrumentalists and dancers, and is deservedly identified for the creativity and contributions of its artists. 

Young Tradition Vermont is the only program with its primary focus on young people, traditional music and dance, and a commitment to ensure what is offered is available at low or no cost.

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