A dazzling, sparkling
20th edition!

8 Jul 2024

Thousands of festival-goers gathered to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Chants de Vielles, from June 27 to 30, in Saint-Antoine-sur-Richelieu. Over a hundred artists from Quebec, North America and Europe offered some 60 activities, including concerts, dances, workshops, film-meetings and pre-festival masterclasses.

vent du nord

At the heart of Chants de Vielles are the encounters.

Musical encounters, cultural encounters, traditional encounters… But above all, human encounters. The kind that keep people coming back to Chants de Vielles, year after year, for 20 years. “When Geneviève Nadeau, Olivier Demers and I founded the festival, we wanted to create a meeting place on a human scale, open to all, musicians, singers and the curious… When we took the time at the end of the week to look around us, we felt we had succeeded… It’s beautiful!” Nicolas Boulerice

gypsi kumbia orchestra
Chants de Vielles signature moments

In addition to the Grand Concerts evenings, a host of other activities delighted festival-goers, who expect this atypical festival to offer a wide-ranging, surprising and high-quality program.

These included La Chapelle Ardente, a creation by Michel Faubert and Bernard Falaise, presented in the church on Saturday, Nicolas Boulerice and Frédéric Samson‘s COOLTRAD project, offered in its acoustic version, and Ariane Labonté‘s engaging tale L’Amer’cirque, the Bal Fest-Noz with Skolvan (Brittany) and LA MACHINE (central France), the Grand Parade through the village on Sunday, and even a “tapeuxthon”, with musician Dâvi Simard setting a world podorythmy record by tapping his foot for 12 consecutive hours on Sunday !

Throughout the weekend, we shared images and videos on our Facebook and Instagram pages. We’ve also shared a series of reports by Philippe Krümm, a must-read!

We’ll see you next year, June 26-29, 2025, and in the meantime, keep an eye on our social networks and newsletter for « Chants de Vielles à l’année » concert dates.


Photos: Guillaume Morin