Tradalannée at Chants de Vielles:
children get their share of the cake!

11 May 2024

Since its very first year, the Chants de Vielles festival has always made a point of giving a special place to children and their parents.

This 20th edition is no exception!

Chants de Vielles is 20 years old…
And children will have their share of the cake… of celebration!!!

Espace trad famille

Programming for children 2024


Espace Trad Famille

saturay, 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm
Sunday, 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Relaxation and rest area specially designed for toddlers and their parents: free play, sensory experiences, musical awakening activities and soft music with Sylvie Béliveau, Véronique Brisebois, Élise Guay and Claudine St-Arnauld.

Festival Schedule

10:00 am to noon
Meet at Chapiteau Yves-Steinmetz at 9:45 a.m.
NEW!!! Children and their parents are invited to explore trad music on a journey that takes them to 3 encounters (30 minutes each) with artists from Quebec's traditional scene. They'll discover accordion with Gaétan Morissette, dance with Laurence Proulx and song with Sophie Pomerleau.

P’tit Bal Folk

4:00 pm
Yves-Steinmetz Tent

A tradition at Chants de Vielles: a folk ball for children and parents, a great moment of family fun! Young and old are invited to dance to the music and songs of Claudine St-Arnauld and Élise Guay, with Sophie Pomerleau as host.



Musical Awakening – 3 to 8 years
10:00 am
Maison de la culture

Can you plant cabbages?
Join Claudine and Denis in New France! We’ve got a lot on our plates: tending the vegetable garden, planting seeds, making visits… And whether we travel by canoe or on foot, we do it all in song! Come and have fun, play small instruments, sing and dance with us to the sound of the hurdy-gurdy and the fiddle.


Parade preparation

11:00 am
Espace Trad Famille The Espace Trad Famille tent team will lead the parade preparation activity. Children will prepare mini rattles, then, as a group activity, a huge turtle – a strong symbol in First Nations culture. The turtle and the children carrying it will open the Parade!

Family photo, followed by the parade

11:45 am
In front of the church

Danse Workshop KUMBIA

1:30 pm
Yves-Steinmetz Tent

Traditional Colombian dance with Carmen Ruiz and Sebastian Garcia (BARKA)


From fleece to creation – from age 9

2:30 pm
Jardin du Chevreuil

Using sheep fleece, Sophie Pomerleau offers festival-goers of all ages a wool transformation workshop using carding machines and spindles. Here, participants revisit the steps involved (sashing, carding, spinning, doubling) and make their own bracelet. And with Sophie, we create while we sing!


And more, for the whole family…

Chants de rivière – Dragon boat ride
Saturday > 1:00, 2:30, 4:00 pm
Sunday > 9:30, 13:30, 15:00
Quai Fecteau

Singing dragon-boat ride on the Richelieu River (duration: 1 hour)
Ages 14 and up.

Exhibition: Scènes de vie autochtone – J’épie… le maïs

Now part of the festival tradition, an exhibition will be on display all weekend, and even before! The Maison de la culture Eulalie-Durocher will be hosting the exhibition Scènes de vie autochtone – J’épie… le maïs.

The exhibition features educational panels and original works depicting scenes of First Nations life by ethnographic painter André Michel.

From May 31, during opening hours of the Maison de la culture Eulalie-Durocher at Saint-Antoine-sur-Richelieu.


On June 28, 29 and 30, we look forward to seeing you in Saint-Antoine-sur-Richelieu!!!!

Admission is free for everyone 17 and under.

Photos: Noémie Martineau ou Guillaume Morin