The organization

Chants de Vielles is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote singing, music, dance and storytelling from Quebec and elsewhere, by producing ecologically responsible cultural events that energize the community.


Our actions

Organize a strictly non-profit annual artistic event, with profits or other growth contributing to the organization’s development.

Promote popular education in music, song, storytelling and dance.

Promote intergenerational and interdisciplinary artistic exchanges.

Promote popular education on the environment and the local economy.

Contribute to the dynamism of tourism in the host region.

Chants de Vielles is

3 days of festivities
4 stages in the heart of the village, on the banks of the Richelieu River
Some sixty artists from Quebec and abroad [Brittany, Centre-France, United States, Ireland, Scotland...].
Booths featuring local artisans and food producers
Programming for young audiences
A musical parade
Music sessions and song and dance evenings

A brief history

Since 2004, the Chants de Vielles festival has welcomed singers, musicians and festival-goers to an enchanting site in Montérégie’s Richelieu Valley, inviting them to discover a space of creativity and openness to the diversity of song, music and dance emanating from Quebec’s historic roots. Over the years, the festival has enabled more than 5,000 visitors to meet some 950 artists, including Michel Rivard, NDIAZ (Brittany), Gabriel Yacoub (France), Karan Casey (Ireland), Kathia Rock, Trio Meunier-Villeneuve (FR), Diogo Ramos, Kleztory, The Alt (Irl/NYC), FARA (Scotland), Titi Robin (FR), Bruce Molsky (USA), Le Vent Nord, Le Rêve du Diable, Super Parquet (FR), Breabach (Scotland), Trio Patrick Bouffard (FR), Les Charbonniers de l’enfer, Claire Pelletier, La Bottine Souriante, Nicolas Pellerin et Les Grands Hurleurs, Gruv’N’Brass, Vishtèn (PE), Brou Hamon Quimbert (Brittany), Krismen (Brittany), Cillian et Niall Vallely, Ad Vielle que Pourra, Xarnege, and many others.

Chants de Vielles also features pre-festival master classes (for professional and amateur musicians) offered by festival artists, and a music camp for children. Finally, the event also includes: activities for young audiences, sung walks, dances, an artisans’ alley, a luthiers’ workshop, tastings of local products and a CD boutique.

Photo credits: photo 1,2,3 CDV23-Noémie Martineau, photo 4 CDV19-Breabach_Scotland_Guillaume Morin

Organizing Committee

Communications: Jacinthe Barabé
Volunteer Coordinator: Bruno Gauthier
Box office operations manager: Chantal Santerre
Bar operations manager: Marie-Claude Bouchard
Logistics: Nicolas Boulerice, Marc Béland et Réal Beaudin
Electricians: Réjean Brunet et Claude Bergeron
Technical coordinators: Jean-Sébastien Moniz et Jean-Michel Roch
Access/parking/camping: François Paquet
Canteen for artists and volunteers: Julie Moisan accompagnée de Danielle Charrette
Volunteer and artist reception: Lucie Léger
Stage manager: Étienne Rouleau-Mailloux
Stage manager for young audiences: Élise Guay
Chants de Vielles CD booth: Brigitte Gaudreau
Director: Geneviève Nadeau
Assistant Director: Isabelle Menier
Website: Bleuoutremer
Graphic design: Bleuoutremer
Illustration Chevreuil: François Lapierre