Food and drink

foyer Photo: CDV 2023_ Guillaume Morin

Food Service

From the very beginning, the Chants de Vielles food service has always offered festival-goers a menu featuring regional products and healthy dishes. 

Adjacent to the food court will be a space dedicated to tasting local products and discovering traditional crafts and artisanal practices, with bars and street food trucks offering their specialties. This space, the Jardin du Chevreuil, promises a delightful multi-sensory experience. The Artisans and local producers area and the food court will be open to all free of charge. Access is completely separate from the festival’s activities and shows. Nearby, Café-crèmerie L’Antoinette is also open for business.

foule Photo: Guillaume Morin

Festival Bars

Run by volunteers, they will offer Quebec beers and products.


Chants de Vielles, a proud pioneer in eco-responsible events!

Constantly striving to reduce its ecological footprint, the organization ensures that its activities are based on sustainable development practices.

No water bottles
or disposable glasses on site!

Drinks are served in reusable glasses on sale at the festival bars.
Festival-goers are invited to bring their own water bottles for on-site refills.

Festival site

Here’s a site map to help you plan your stay.



On-site ticketing opens at 3pm on Friday and at 9am on Saturday and Sunday.

For online tickets, click here.