Ariane Labonté

Ariane Labonté

Mont-Saint-Hilaire (Quebec)

With her language as a pledge of commitment, Ariane takes her stories to heart, sensitive and sensible tales in which wordplay unfolds with love, humor and philosophy. Her stories are full of poetry and social involvement. Her linguistic acrobatics unleash the imagination… to recreate the world, while recreating ourselves.

As part of this year’s festival, she will be presenting a tale for adults and teenagers: L’Amer’cirque.


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Ariane Labonté has a bachelor’s degree in creative writing, is a guitarist and storyteller, and has been telling stories to adults and children for over 15 years. She is a member of the School Artist Directory (primary and secondary). Ariane has performed on many stages and festivals in France, Belgium and Quebec (FICM, Azimut Diffusion, Outremont, Place des Arts, etc.). Her work has been recognized and supported by CALQ and CAC. Her creations can be found in various collections, including Nouvelle Vague, published by Planète rebelle.

In l’Amer’cirque, Ariane transports the audience into a strange kind of circus.
Carried along by the festive accordion of Luzio Altobelli (La fanfare Pourpour, Bernard Adamus), Ariane Labonté’s words deliver a high-flying performance.

In a language reminiscent of Sol’s, the storyteller unfolds a colorful clownish fable. She sows slam poetry, plays with music and modulates words to reveal a delicious social satire.

With humor and love, she invites her audience to juggle the ecological and social repercussions of our indomitable consumption! Playful and lucid, she describes… and decries a society she invites us to rewrite.

You’ll be enchanted by the linguistic humor of this engaging tale!

Writing and performance: Ariane Labonté
Musical direction and accordion: Luzio Altobelli
Direction: Edgar Bori, Renée Robitaille, Nadine Walsh
Rewriting advice: Christiane Vanasse

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