Barka (Circus, dance & music with Gypsy Kumbia Orchestra)

Barka - Gypsy Kumbia Orchestra Photo : Ivan Arturo Escobar

Quebec (Columbia/ Montreal)

In an extraordinary festive chaos, BARKA is a celebration of life and a call to hope and conscious freedom. Afro-Colombian percussion, Balkan melodies, dance and circus merrily intertwine in a show filled with delirious energy as well as visual and sensory richness.

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“GIROVAGO offers you a dancing circus filled with hope in a world where degrowth will become our best ally.” Patrick Léonard

“We invite you to sail together, to think again how to make sure BARKA doesn’t sink.” Ricard Soler Mallol

Musical Direction: Aurélien Tomasi et Anit Ghosh

Arrangements: Aurélien Tomasi

Original Music: Gypsy Kumbia Orchestra

Choreographic research: Carmen Ruiz, Sonia Bustos

Dance Advisor: Andrea Niño


Juan Sebastian Mejia (Voice and percussion) Carmen Ruiz (Dance) Brittany Gee-Moore (Cyr Wheel and Rope), Alexie Maheu (Chinese Pole), Nathan Biggs-Penton (Juggling), Anit Ghosh (Violin, Guitar, Voice), Aurélien Tomasi (Clarinet and Saxophone), Chantal Urbain (Accordion, Voice), Ivan Bamford (Percussion), Blanche Moisan-Méthé (Tuba), Bertrand Margelidon (Trumpet, Voice)

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