Dâvi Simard


Le Tapeuxthon

Dâvi Simard shines on the traditional music scene in Quebec, in addition to being a musician, arranger, and composer. He has contributed and continues to contribute to a variety of projects, including collaborations with Cirque Alfonse, Les Mercenaires du terroir, L’Oumigmag, Damien Robitaille, and several others. Beyond his dedication to music, Dâvi is also passionate about ultramarathons and covers many kilometers in his sneakers between music projects. This year at the festival, he combines his love for folklore and running in an ambitious endeavor: breaking the world record for podorythmie by tapping tirelessly for a period of 12 consecutive hours. The Tapeuxthon (non-charitable event) promises to be an extraordinary experience full of surprises!

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