LA MACHINE Photo : Julien Guezennec

France (Centre France)

Based on the hurdy-gurdy/horn pairing, emblematic of the music of Centre France, La Machine offers a sinuous, hypnotic sound. The percussion/double bass pairing ensures an inimitable groove, a swaying rhythmic base with a hint of Afro-Cuban sounds. The voice, with its distinctive vibrato and timbre far removed from those usually attributed to trad voices, revisits the songs in a surprising way.

The words are ancient, but surprisingly current!

Festival schedule

The musicians

Grégory Jolivet : Electric viola, choir
Julien Barbances : Vocals, bagpipes, fiddle,
Jean Laurent Cayzac : Electric guitar, double bass, backing vocals
Florian Huygebaert : Percussion, backing vocals

Crédit photo : Julien Guezennec

LA MACHINE – « Vive l’amour » acoustic session

LA MACHINE website

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