Michel Faubert & Bernard Falaise

Photo: Alain Lefort

La Chapelle Ardente

La Chapelle Ardente offers a journey to the heart of time, to the heart of an ancient and little-known Quebec: that of visionaries, mystics and the deranged of the soul. A Gothic Quebec, thirsty for desire and obsessed with the Great Departure.


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Against a backdrop of haunting, soaring, contemporary guitars, you’ll be transported through poetic tales rich in history. Faubert and Falaise draw from the depths of their respective worlds (laments, improvised music, storytelling, rock, literature) to offer you this dreamlike wander through the land of shadows.

Freely inspired by the Manuel de la petite littérature du Québec (Victor-Lévy Beaulieu / 1974), La Chapelle Ardente is an album and show conceived by the duo of Michel Faubert (vocals and narration) and Bernard Falaise (guitars), assisted by Guido Del Fabbro (violin, electric guitar and keyboard), Pierre-Yves Martel (bass and viola da gamba) and Alexis Martin (drums and percussion).


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Text by Sylvain Cormier Le Devoir