Nicolas Pellerin et Les Grands Hurleurs

Despite the use of acoustic instruments, a rockier energy emanates from this album. The four musicians – Simon Lepage (vocals, bass and double bass); Louis Thibault (vocals, bouzouki, mandolin and guitar); Nicolas Pellerin (vocals, violin and feet) and Philippe Girard (vocals and guitar) – have brought their influences to bear on this rather explosive result.

Nicolas Pellerin et Les Grands Hurleurs has won the hearts of Quebec and international audiences with its modernized, accessible traditional music. With the integration of folk and classic bluegrass influences, the group is sure to surprise and touch people once again with this enriched trad! Fiddles, mandolin, guitar, double bass, feet and rich vocal harmonies combine to explore a multitude of emotions.

The quartet is at its best on stage, with its multitude of instruments, dynamic presentation and exceptional musical prowess. Since its founding in 2009, the group has forged a solid reputation.  It has performed over 1,000 times, and has taken part in several major events, including a performance at the Grand Spectacle de la Fête Nationale sur les Plaines and the Grand Spectacle of Fête Nationale in Montreal on television. The band has toured extensively throughout Quebec’s established network of concert halls, as well as in Canada, the United States, Europe (France, Finland, Germany, Spain, Czech Republic, Switzerland), Morocco and even the United Arab Emirates.

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