Prairie Comeau

Prairie Comeau Photo: Camille Gladu-Drouin

Quebec and Saskatchewan

Prairie Comeau is a nostalgic, slightly anachronistic duo that clings to the memory of a time when music was a verb, something we shared, a giant songbook preciously tucked away in the piano bench. Ask almost any francophone family – this book was called “La Bonne Chanson”.

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For the joy of joining voices
The prairie wind and river current
Whisper tunes of a bygone time

After a few years of performing, their creative objective becomes more precise. The two singer- songwriters decide to re-open that old piano bench and dive into the “Bonne Chanson” archives. Their most recent album, L’emprunt(e), produced by Nicolas Boulerice (Le Vent du Nord) features songs chosen from this 19th and 20th century French-Canadian repertoire.

Prairie Comeau not only aims to revive these pieces of their heritage, they explore how these songs could be experienced today, how the themes have evolved. The result is a timeless folk sound, a new and gentle take on traditional songs.

Prairie Comeau draws a line through time, reminding us that we are made of past and of present.

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