SKOLVAN (Serj Philouz) Photo : Serj Philouze

France (Bretagne)

First appearance in Quebec in their 40-year career!

Skolvan is the cream of Brittany’s dance music, served up with finesse and delicacy. Head-turning melodies and breathtaking arrangements. The four members of Skolvan are so passionate about their music, so energetic in their performances and so intense in sharing their repertoire that they’ve been seducing and delighting audiences for 40 years!

Festival schedule

Founded in 1984 by guitarist Gilles Le Bigot and renowned ringer Youenn Le Bihan, the group has been joined by Bernard Le Dréau’s soprano saxophone (in 1997) and, more recently, Régis Huiban’s chromatic accordion (2009).

The year 2024 therefore marks the group’s 40th anniversary, and their appearance at Chants de Vielles is part of their “anniversary tour”, which takes place throughout the year in some thirty towns in Brittany and elsewhere.

When asked about their recipe for longevity, Youenn Le Bihan and Régis Huiban reply: “Friendship, of course. And we have the same references, the same commitment to the heritage of traditional music and a real complementarity. Forty years on, Skolvan still has two members who were present at its creation. That’s unique in Breton music.

Skolvan’s synthesis of musical influences, combined with their respect for their roots, has made them one of the leading groups in Breton music. In four decades, its music has made hundreds of floors shake and thousands of feet dance… Now it’s Saint-Antoine-sur-Richelieu’s turn to discover the Skolvan signature!