Skye Consort & Emma Bjorling

Skye Consort & Emma Bjorling

Quebec & Sweden

Skye Consort and Emma Björling perform transatlantic arrangements of songs and tunes from Sweden, Norway, Ireland, Scotland, England, Quebec, Acadia, the USA and original compositions. Each musician brings his or her own interpretation to these traditions to create an extraordinary collaboration of voice, fiddle, nyckelharpa, cello, bouzouki, banjo and percussion. Together, they present an assortment of swirling polskas, groovy reels, passionate love songs and moving anthems.

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With Emma Björling (lead voice, percussion & shruti box), Seán Dagher (lead voice, Irish bouzouki & banjo), Amanda Keesmaat (cello & vocals), Alex Kehler (fiddle, nyckelharpa & vocals) and Simon Alexandre (fiddle, nyckelharpa & vocals).

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