Yves Lambert

Yves Lambert Photo : Jean-Charles Labarre

Québec (Lanaudière)

Yves Lambert goes big!

Accompanied by 7 musicians, the singer and musician will perform a generous and festive show, orchestrated to explore new harmonic and rhythmic avenues.

Festival schedule

His regular musicians (Robin Boulianne on fiddle, mandolin and podorythmy, Paul Audy on guitar and Mathieu Royer on double bass) are joined by Geneviève St-Pierre on the keyboard, and a warm wind section with Mélanie Bourrassa on bass clarinet and clarinet, Mary Chalk on bassoon, Gabriel Schwartz on saxophone, flute, piccolo and percussion.

This renowned ambassador of our traditional music will put on a show full of musical textures, always affirming his passionate, open and creative “Québécoisness”.

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